Monday, January 02, 2006

Law vs. New Technology

I keep on hearing that the FISA Law is old and out of date from people on the web.; And that is one of the reasons that Bush gave his order, well that is a bunch of BullS**T. If he truly felt that the law had problems then why didn't he go to congress. The answer is he did and was told no way by congress. Bush and Company could not except that and did an end run around congress and any oversight. One of the major papers last week said something about how this operation had to be reauthorized every 40 day by the Attorney General and how one of the Deputy Attorney generals refuse to on legel question at one point. When you have so may people thinking that this operation has serious oversight problems the President and his political cronies should not have the final say. He keeps say we couldn't because that would have gone into classified matters that congress couldn't or shouldn't be advise of and/ or could keep a lid on. And the courts were either to slow or held him to, to high of a standard. It also comes out that what few; briefings that had occurred may have mislead congress as to the true nature of his Domestic spying.

Which brings use back to the problem of this President acting as if nothing other than his opinion is required to change the law. This matter more than meets the definition of High Crimes and Misdemeanors to impeach this President. Anyone who cannot see that are constitutional protections at steak here and that without action, are rights are meaningless and only exist at the whim and pleasure of the President needs to do a reality check. The constitution does give great power to the Executive in times of war. But there are legal limits to it's use, congress to this point has not done their jobs under the constitution to balance the power of the Executive branch when it over reaches and endangers are rights.

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