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King Kong (1933)

Jackie on the Street

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis on Madison Avenue, October 1971. By Ron Galella

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Clara Bow by Alfred Cheney Johnston c.1920

Norma Jean

Jacqueline Bisset

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Magnificent Carlo Mollino !

He was once credited as saying, "Everything is permissible as long as it is fantastic!" That credo was certainly reflected throughout his body of work. Mollino's architecture and furniture are famous for their ability to enable occupants to manipulate volumes at a whim.

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Marlene Dietrich photographed byKenneth Alexander

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Johny Cash

I learn from my mistakes. It`s a very painful way to learn, but without pain, the old saying is, there`s no gain.


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Marilyn ...

Che Guevara

Ginger Rogers

Natalie Wood

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bogart's Pandagate

On one occasion he and a friend bought two enormous stuffed panda bears and took them as their dates to El Morocco. They sat them in chairs at a table for four and when an ambitious young lady came over and touched Bogart’s bear, he shoved her away. ‘I’m a happily married man,’ he said, ‘and don’t touch my panda.’

The woman brought assault charges against him, and when asked if he was drunk at four o’clock in the morning, he replied, ‘Sure, isn’t everybody?’ (The judge ruled that since the panda was Bogart’s personal property, he could defend it.)”

-excerpted from Peter Bogdanovich’s Who the Hell’s In It

In a 1949 LA Times article about Pandagate, Bogart defended his drunken misbehavior on constitutional grounds: “So we get stiff once in a while. So we have a little fun. What’s wrong with that? This is a free country, isn’t it? I can take my panda any place I want to. And if I wanna buy it a drink, that’s my business.”  (quote via: Old Hollywood)

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Norma Jean

La Jana