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Unholy Three, The (1930)


Ventriloquist Professor Echo tires of living off the small profits of petty theft. He proposes to his fellow sideshow performers, Herman (who is known as the strong man Hercules) and Willie (a dwarf billed as Tweedledee), that they go far away, where they will never be found.

Some time later, the three have established new identities, along with Rosie, a young pickpocket with whom Echo is in love, and Echo's gorilla, of which Herman is mortally afraid. They open a pet shop and Echo disguises himself as Mrs. O'Grady, the store owner, to allow them to have access to the homes of wealthy clients who take delivery of parrots and other pets. Echo guards the jewels and money that Herman is able to steal, but Herman and Willie are becoming tired of waiting to spend their money, and Rosie is becoming attracted to Hector, a kind, but naïve young man who works at the pet shop. Although Echo verbally threatens Rosie not to become involved with Hector, she is not afraid of him and continues to see Hector.

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